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With almost every business going online, we can now create our own online store to showcase and sell our digital goods online to a wider audience. If you are a blogger, internet marketer or someone who has something to sell online, today I will show you how to create a digital online store easily.

Today I willuse a service called WixStores that lets you create great online sites or stores with no coding knowledge required. There are ready-made templates that make site creation so easy. You can edit every element; add text and other images from a WYSIWYG editor. Let me start from the basics!

What is WixStores?

WixStoresis the eCommerce website builder of, which is a cloud-based service that makes website building for non-coders ridiculously easy.

There are a lot of templates here including almost every niche your business could belong to.

Creating an online store for those who cannot afford to hire a professional designer is more like a nightmare, and WixStores makes it easy for them to create highly customizable stores that are optimized for mobile devices as well.

How to build an online store through WixStores?

Here is the detailed guide of creating your own online store with WixStores!

1) Go to and hit the “Start Now” button, or you can go to the WixStores page, and click on the “Create Your Store” button.

wix store Start Now

2) Next a log in popup appears where you can register with either your email, or via your Google or Facebook accounts.

wix store login

3) The next screen shows if you have any projects with the WixStores already but as we are new user to the platform click on start creating now.

create wix store project

4) The next screen shows you the categories that WixStores provide you with to generate your store. I chose gaming option to create my online store around.

Here appear many templates of gaming e-commerce stores, which can be used as it is or can be modified to any usage once selected.

wix store templates

5) This step takes you to the edit screen where you can edit your selected template to apply your branding and necessary options. It is even easier than a WordPress theme.

edit screen

You can also insert your valuable social media accounts, design, apps market settings and much more.

6) Now you can preview your creations or save it to publish your store online.

This step requires you to add your store name that appears somewhat like

You could also use your own branded custom domain to get a clear URL too.

branded custom domain

7) This step requires you to click on “publish” button and get set go.

wix store publish site

So, this is what using WixStores can do to you. A whole new shop that lets you monetize it from the very first day that too without any hand in coding, programming or anything else.

Exciting Features of WixStores

Here are some of the characteristics of WixStores that helps it to stand out from the crowd.

1) Awesome templates:

WixStores has nearly thousands of already created website templates. They have so many functionalities that can make your online store so professional.

There are already over 66 million registered users who are customizing these default templates, and using it in even more creative ways.

2) Mobile Optimized Sites:

The site that WixStores allows you to create are fully mobile optimized, and appear cool on all mobile and tablet devices. Your eCommerce website will be displayed in all of its entirety without missing your site’s elements.

3) Order tracking and billing:

The billing is an essential part of youronline store. You have to track your store’s orders, check products,and stock in the inventory. WixStores makes all of this as fluid as butter.

You can also calculate the tax prices, and shipping charges based on your buyer’s location without any hassles.

4) Dynamic web applications to boost user experience:

WixStores provides you with hundreds of web applications that power up your site’s functionality and boosts your site’s experience. It includes the most important apps like newsletters, contact form, Google AdSense integration and PayPal to name a few.


WixStores is basically free, which lets anyone with something to sell, try it out. But, it also has many premium services to offer that come with paid charges. Check out the table below for pricing. The “VIP” and “eCommerce” packages are the only packages to include WixStores.

wix store packages

Over to you:

If you ever wanted to sell anything and keep it hassle free and independent, you can use WixStores as an alternative to selling your goods on popular online eCommerce sites. You don’t need to worry about coding & hosting, just try it once and I’m sure that you’ll love it.

Don’t forget to share your insights of WixStores through your comments.

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