Windows 10 Technical Preview Review

While we all were wrapping 2014, Microsoft raised their curtains from the Windows 10 Technical Preview which is no doubt the next operating system of Windows. People might be amazed knowing that next generation would be called as Windows 10 but this is actually the next Windows OS for our smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops. There had been many speculations about its release data, features and much more. Wait guys! We are here with Windows 10 technical preview review wherein we will somehow answer to all your queries. You just need to read on further.

windows 10 technical preview

Without any doubts, we are living in the world where cloud as well as mobile computing is one of the major keys of technology and on which Windows 10 has been built upon. This operating system is quite friendly for the people relying on mouse and keyboards but even it is perfectly touch optimized too. Furthermore, it is quite astonishing that this new generation OS has to offer the same interface for all the devices having screen displays ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches. Even at its launch, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 is “One product family, one platform, one store.”

Release date of Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 will be officially released in the late half of 2015 but its Technical Preview will be ending in the end of April 2015. On 21st January, Windows 10 Consumer Preview finally made a debut.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

  • If users did not signed-up for Windows Insider Program, then do it.
  • Read all the system requirements which are mentioned.
  • Users will get to see a Download link for all the specific files which are known to be ISO file. This helps in installing Technical Preview.
  • After completing of downloading the ISO file, users need to transfer that particular ISO file to installation media which has been created before. For instance, DVD or USB flash drive.
  • The file has been downloaded as exe, which users need to tap on and further need to follow the steps.

System requirements for Windows 10 Technical Preview

For downloading the Technical preview, users need to sign-up for Insider program of Windows where they need to type in their Outlook email address or Microsoft ID. It smoothly runs on all systems which ambles on Windows 8.1 and furthermore, warns the users about re-installing or updating few of the installed software. Users using Windows 7 or Vista are warned before windows upgrade for creating the recovery media using the recovery partition available on the devices. It is also advised for Windows 8&8.1 users for creating recovery USB drive. Once, everything is done users can easily get the “Get Upgrade” option for installing Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Free trial of Windows 10 Technical Preview and Windows upgrade

Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for free to all Windows 7 as well as Windows 8&8.1 users only for first year and after that they will be charged. There has been no words about its pricing but it is rumored that Microsoft will be only charging a license fee instead of charging for the subscription model.

So, finally we can have a glance at the Start Menu which made a comeback with Windows 10 Technical Preview. With Windows 10 Technical preview, we do have a lot to talk about including the Charms bar. Our team has personally experienced the productivity of Windows 10 Technical preview.

Do you guys think that Windows 10 Technical Preview will be a success or a failure? Which features you liked the most? Are you guys using the Windows 10 Technical Preview which is bound to end up in the end of April 2015?

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