Windows 10 Review: 10 Awesome Features

Hey friends! Finally our wait is over and Microsoft raised curtains from the much awaited Windows 10. Many people expected that after Windows 8, we will have Windows 9 but nonetheless, it is Windows 10. So, Windows 10 finally launched and we are here with Windows 10 review especially Windows 10 features. During its official launch, Microsoft gave us the taste of the features they are offering to the users which would definitely entice you all with Windows 7 upgrade. These Windows 10 features are particularly for those who are really not interested in giving up with their Windows 7 as well as for those who are likely to be interested more in embracing touchscreen-friendly OS.

windows 10 review

Windows 10 Review – 10 Awesome Features

Comeback of Start Menu

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft restored the Start Button but finally with Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to bring back the Start Menu. This made desktop users immensely happy so now they won’t have to jump awkwardly onto the friendly interface. Users can now easily view the apps which they regularly use and even can universally search without swiping the screens.

Bringing in the Task View for Multitasking

In Windows, we do have an amazing feature of multitasking but now Microsoft is adding up the Task View which will make multitasking more useful. Usually task bar rests at the bottom of the desktop but now when switching on the display, task view will automatically launch displaying all the apps which users are currently using.

Ability of viewing Multiple Desktops

Users will be now able to see multiple desktops with Windows 10 which allow them in switching between multiple desktops wherein multiple apps can be easily run. Users can even use the UI “Snap Assist” in order to grab different apps from multiple desktops. This feature works quite well and it’s impressive too.

Keyboard-friendly Command Prompt

With Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to pull off the Command Prompt as well which is particularly used in MS-DOS but now users can easily use the option for pasting directories using keyboard shortcut.

More touchscreen-optimized feeling

With many Windows 10 features, Microsoft is even carried out improvements with its touchscreen-optimized features wherein users can now easily swipe the screen from left for viewing Task View including really touch-friendly buttons. Furthermore, users can even switch between the modes which depend on the user’s choice of using keyboard or touch display.

Replaces Windows Phone

Microsoft has finally pushed in the OS which is unified for the Windows running devices including smartphones. The launch of new Windows Phones will be running on Windows 10.

Improvements in Windows Store

Users need not feel disheartened because Windows 10 will allow them to use the existing apps efficiently without posing any lags. With each Windows upgrade, the Windows Store is growing and users can easily select the apps which are best suited to them.

Apps on Windows Store works similar like Desktop Apps

With Windows 10, Microsoft manages to make its metro interface work more in a traditional way. This simply means that the users can download the apps from Windows store onto the desktop and further can re-size them including the title bars which they can easily minimize-maximize which gives them more flexibility.

Snapping goes crazier

Users can now easily run maximum four apps at one time and even they can view other apps too which they can add up. It even helps in by suggesting few apps which users can add up in their current list.

Desktop with Cortana

With Windows 10, users received voice-assistant digital app Cortana which makes a lot easier for them in interacting with the device without even touching the same.

So, here we have Windows 10 new features. Other than these, we have some more amazing features which include Xbox App, wherein users can easily play games available on Xbox One; Browser Project Spartan, a new experience to browse internet and many more. In a nutshell, we can simply say that with Microsoft updates, it has finally shaped up the OS too and we are sure that you all will be going to love the new Windows 10.

Which feature you liked the most and why?

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