How To Use Two Whatsapp Account In One Android Phone?

I can’t ever get enough of my friends or that little green conversation bubble. WhatsApp is the fastest growing application with numerous users. We share our life with our friends from a small detail to the biggest. WhatsApp has brought all of us closer. Even the time zones of the world do not matter. Sending and receiving messages, voice notes, videos and pictures in just a click of a button have definitely changed our conversations.

Since I am shifting my base I need a new number and I don’t want to part with my contacts. It is all a hassle and a headache. After all most of our day is spent with friends over WhatsApp.

We need more of what we like. How to have two WhatsApp in one phone?
two whatsapp one mobile
Today I will tell you how you can use two WhatsApp in one mobile. You don’t need a dual SIM handset. There are two applications that you can download and start using two accounts.

  1. OG WhatsApp
  2. SwitchMe multiple accounts app



  1. Android handset that can run official WhatApp
  2. Install OG Whatsapp

1. Backup your WhatsApp messages. Go to WhatsApp settings > Chat settings > Backup Conversations.
Backup conversations
All the messages should be backed up so that your data is not lost.

2. Clear WhatsApp Data
Go to phone settings > Application manager > WhatsApp > Clear Data.
clear data
The present data should be cleared before you proceed any further. Clear all the data in app settings.

3. Rename WhatsApp folder to OG WhatsApp

Go to File Manager and rename WhatsApp folder as OG WhatsApp
rename whatsapp to ogwhatsapp

4. Install OG WhatsApp

5. Verify your new number with official WhatsApp

6. Verify your old number with OG WhatsApp
Voila! Here you go!



  1. Rooted Android phone
  2. SwitchMe Multiple Accounts application on your phone

Steps to run multiple WhatsApp account

  1. Download and installSwitchMe Multiple Accounts
    The application created by Fahrbot is available on Google Play Store. Download this app
  2. Create two user profiles
  3. Once you have downloaded SwitchMe app, open it and create two user profiles different from each other. This will help in running two WhatsApp on one phone.

  4. Administrator profile
  5. The first profile that is created by you in SwitchMe app is the administrator account. It has access to all the data and apps that are installed in your handset. The first account will be your default account/profile.

  6. Install WhatsApp again
    Since the second profile that you created does not have any access to your device, you need to install WhatsApp again. Open SwitchMe app and select secondary account/profile. Download and install WhatsApp.
  7. Register
    After you have downloaded your WhatsApp now register your second profile and your secondary account is activated.

Once WhatsApp is installed you can use it on any SwitchMe account.

Now you have two options to consider, OG WhatApp or SwitchMe Multiple Accounts Android App. It’s up to you, choose wisely. After all once the conversations are lost you can’t do much to retrieve them. All the best.

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