How to Transfer files from Dropbox to Google drive and vice versa?

Time has gone when you used to store everything in your hard disk or used pen drive to synchronize work between home and office or share files with friends. In the current age of Cloud Computing, we have option of using multiple cloud drives like Amazon Cloud drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It’s easy to have accounts on multiple cloud services to juice up more and more free space to store or backup data.

The main problem arises when you need to transfer and synchronize files between multiple accounts.

So in today’s post, I’ll show you how to transfer files from Dropbox to Google drive and vice versa.

transfer files from dropbox to google drive

Manually it can be done by downloading files from one cloud service and uploading them onto another. Obviously you won’t do that. You don’t want to waste your bandwidth and time. So let me share 2 very good tools which will make the process cakewalk for you.

Transfer files using MultCloud

The best thing about MultCloud is its 100% free and has amazingly easy to use interface. As the name implies, multcloud is specially developed to help people having account with multiple cloud services and it can beautifully handle all your cloud file transfer and synchronization. Using Multcloud is like using Windows explorer with options like cut, copy, paste, rename, etc. Let us understand the whole process step by step:

    1. Visit Multcloud and create an account for free.


    1. Once you activate and login in your Multcloud account, a popup window appears asking you to connect your Google drive, dropbox or any other cloud accounts to Multcloud.

select a cloud

    1. Once you are done with adding and authorizing different accounts, you are now ready to transfer files between them.
    2. Next step is to click on the source drive from which you want to transfer the files and select the checkboxes before files and folders that you want to transfer.

choose source drive

    1. Now you can either directly drag them to destination cloud service (Dropbox to google drive here).

Dropbox to google drive

    1. Or you also have the option of right clicking the selected files and folder and select copy or cut as you want from the options and then pasting them to destination drive in the same way.

destination drive

Watch this video tutorial:

Transfer files using

Another very good tool by a killer team (as they love to call themselves). It not only transfer files but also provide services like backups, incremental backups, file transfer schedules, Logs etc. It’s free for personal use only. The best feature that I really liked is incremental backups. Once you set it up, it automatically backup changed files.

    1. Visit Once you are done with sign up and login, you are welcomed with the transfer wizard.

mover io transfer files

    1. To move your files you will have to click New Transfer on the left side and click Select source and add the connectors or cloud services from which you need to transfer files. Do the same process with Destination.

mover io new transfer

    1. Once you are done with adding accounts, you can select the files and folders to be transferred. It also gives you the option to compress them before transfer.
    2. Now you have is to click on “Run” to transfer now.
    3. Once you click “Run”, a confirmation window will appear and all you have to do is to click on “Run this transfer now” button and your transfer starts.

Run this transfer now

    1. You can also schedule your transfer as per your convenience.

schedule your transfer

The only thing I found not too good was the User Interface of It’s a bit tricky for a newbie but the feature like Scheduled transfers and others undoubtedly makes it a good choice.

So I am sure that now you will have no problem in transferring and synchronizing your files stored in multiple cloud services accounts.

If you come across more of such tools, do tell us via the comments below. If this article helped you, then please share this with your friends. Stay tuned for more.

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