How To Stop Google Plus Users From Sending Emails on Gmail?

Being an internet / online marketer, you must be on Google Plus to get love from Google. If you are an active Google+ user then you might be getting lots of Google+ notifications to your Gmail account.

Not only the notifications, Google+ users even can send emails to you directly to your Gmail account. Getting emails from unknown person feel weird and panic for few too. If this is the case and you want to stop Google+ users from sending emails to you on your Gmail account, then here is a quick tutorial for you.

Stop Unknown Google+ Users From Sending Emails on Gmail

Go to your Gmail Account settings and under the Email Via Google+ choose No One from the drop down menu as shown in the above video tutorial.

That’s it. Now no one from Google+ will be able to send emails to your Gmail account.

Let me know why you don’t want to get emails from G+ to your Gmail account. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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