How To See Password Behind Dots or Stars in Google Chrome?

We all use so many accounts like Gmail, facebook etc. and sometime it’s being impossible to remember password for all those accounts. You might saved your password for autofill for your convenience and time saving.

All the browsers hide the passwords behind the asterisk characters like dots or stars. It keep our password secured from others and we have no need to worry about the leakage of login details. But what if you forget the password and wants to know what’s your actual password behind such asterisk characters?

There’s however an easy video tutorial that will show you how you can change those asterisks into the actual password without using any third party software.

Reveal Hidden Password Behind Dots or Stars

All you have to do is select the password, right click and choose “Inspect Elements“. Document inspector window will appear and then replace the word “Password” with “Text” as shown in the above video.

Doing so will show you the actual password behind asterisk characters because we have changed the type of <input> field from “Password” to “Text” and text fields are never masked.

You can apply this method using any browser like internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Wrapping Up

So guys here we learnt how to see password behind dots or stars. I hope my tutorial helped you and if it is so then help me also by sharing this tutorial with your friends on social media. Also don’t forget to subscribe our youtube channel for more great videos like this.

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