Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Hey guys! I am here finally with a special roundup with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review which was launched by the company last year in September. The company speeded up their release before the launch of Apple iPhone 6. People expected a lot from Samsung with Galaxy Note 4 which is considered to be the best phablet available in the market and even it stood on their expectations too. This phablet is available in two variants considering the display screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was launched along with Galaxy Note Edge. This smartphone features S Pen stylus including pressure sensitivity. Furthermore, it also features wide variety of options for signing pen as well as calligraphy. We can say that this smartphone is purely a great subtlety manufactured by Samsung over its predecessor. In other words, it is a prominent update by the company as well as managed to overcome those shortcomings which were found in Note 3.


Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4


It is a micro-SIM phablet weighing about 176gms featuring a fingerprint sensor as well as S Pen Stylus.



Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features 5.7 inches AMOLED display with 515ppi pixel density. Furthermore, it features a protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The sides as well as the edges of this phablet are of aluminum while the rest of the body is polycarbonate.


This phablet features an onboard memory of 32GB with 3GB of RAM. It can even be extended by using microSD card up to 64GB.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features rear camera of 16 megapixels along with OIS and LED flash. It even features 3.7 megapixels of secondary camera with dual shot including image and HD video recording. It captures quality pictures with bright and vibrant colors.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4runs on Android KitKat and now updates itself to newly launched Android Lollipop. Two versions of this phablet have been released where both features quad-core processors clocked at 2.7GHz and 2.3GHz respectively. It delivers powerful performance with amazing battery life.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is simply a major update of Note 3 overcoming all the shortcomings. With the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the company managed to include unique features including technology which made this phablet on the top of the tech market.

  • Attractive and smooth HD display with vibrant colors and amazing picture quality. Furthermore, it even features impressive viewing angles.
  • The camera has got a significant upgrade boosting 16 megapixels. It delivers amazing picture quality even in poor lightening situations as well.
  • A major update by Samsung with improved interface including transparent widgets which help the users in viewing working apps in the background.
  • It is loaded with a unique feature of wireless charging as well as magnetic resonance technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Official Video:-

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This amazing phablet costs about 53,000 INR or 855$.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a thrilling phablet winning all over the smartphone market with its large display as well as winning stylus. It has brilliant resolution display supporting 16 megapixels rear camera which captures superbly amazing clicks and even it has brilliant battery life too.

You will be proud having Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with its elegant design and impressive battery life as well as solid camera. What are your thoughts about this amazing phablet?

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Hi Ankit,

This is a great review of Note 4. What I like about the Note 4 are it’s looks and how it feels on hand. I also like the fact that it has Gorilla Glass 3. It ensures that your screen is well protected. It also has a 16 megapixels rear camera and 3.7 front camera which is pretty high. Though some phones have more than 5 megapixels camera in the front, the rear camera more than compensates for it.

Thanks for writing this review.


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