Remove Memory Card Password – 4 Best Working Methods

The use of memory card has extremely increased in the current scenario. Micro SD-Cards are solid space saving memory devices which are widely used in day to day affairs.

Bountiful of people create passwords to protect their data from others. Passwords are necessary to secure one’s data from hacking. But what if people tend to forget their memory card password?

Well, in this post we are going to introduce some simple, easy tricks to unlock the password of memory card (Micro-SD card).
Remove Memory Card Password
Modern technology is growing at a fast pace. No wonder, there is a perfect solution to every problem. The masterminds have created amazing problem solving methods to every difficulty.

Easiest Ways to Remove Memory card Password

Forgetting Memory card password is a common problem seen recent days. Without password people cannot access any data present on their locked memory card.

In this post we are going to see some simple techniques on how to remove memory card password.

Every newly launched smartphone has a huge memory to store the data. The younger generations are most likely to keep passwords to their Micro SD card and also tend to forget the password in no time. Here in this post we are going to reveal 3 easy methods to unlock the memory card password.

Once the password for the card is lost then the further use of card is also get blocked automatically. In such situation, the user can interface their mobile with the PC using Bluetooth, make the required changes and then find the password in the file created thereafter.

Method 1

How to remove memory card Password with PC

For Android Devices

  1. Go to file manager on your mobile.
  2. In the settings options choose system folders.
  3. In the system folder, locate the file named as mmcstore.
  4. Send the located file on your PC or Laptop via data cable or Bluetooth.
  5. Then, open the file in Notepad.
  6. Once the file is opened, you will be able to see the password in the opened file.

You can apply this way to remove memory card password from android devices or any other file explorer phone which permits you to access to mmcstore file of memory card.

Method 2

How to remove memory card password without PC

  1. Insert card in any E series or in N series of Nokia mobiles.
  2. Format the card.
  3. It will not ask your password.

FYI: This trick will be useful for Nokia E series phones, but you can try it on other phones at your own risk.

Method 3

  1. Insert your card into your phone without accessing it through the phone.
  2. Run File Explorer and open the pat in C:\system
  3. Then look for mmcstore file, which should be located in sys/data/mmcstore
  4. Once you locate the above path, open it in any normal editor.
  5. Your password will be located within that file.

Method 4
There is one simplest method to recover the lost password, just Format the memory card. 😀

NOTE: When you are going to use this method of formatting the memory card, it will ask you to enter password, but instead simply put 0000 and your card will formatted and password will removed automatically.

But if you are going through this way, make sure you don’t have important data on memory card otherwise your data will be lost.

Hope, you have satisfied with the simple methods to unlock your memory card. Thanks to technology which never sleeps and never lost.

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