Playstation 4 VS. Xbox One: Which One is Better?

Hey friends! Finally we are here with two most amazing gaming consoles which were launched about a year ago. If you really looking for a video game system, go with any one of these as these both are currently leading in the market as competitors. Both are developed with mind-blowing features and new hardware which takes them ahead of other gaming consoles. Here we put a face-off between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One under few categories in order to determine which the best among these two is.

playstation 4 vs. xbox one

Hardware of PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

Since both gaming consoles are available in the market easily, talking about the hardware of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is quite deliberate. PS4 features GDDR5 RAM whereas Xbox On features DDR3 RAM. Except the same, there is no difference between their hardware and thus makes a tie between the both. Both of these gaming consoles features internal 500GB HDD with in-built memory of 8GB, optical drives by Blu-Ray and AMD 8-core CPUs. In fact, because of their incredible similarities we can’t judge any one of these to be superior of the other and even we can’t compare their performance because of vast differences between the both.

Games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are a year old now; coming with numerous bump-offs and still hasn’t stopped down. Since the launch of both a year ago, we all have seen numerous game releases from both making them more attractive than previous generations. The major games include Assassin’s Creed Unity, Grand Theft Auto 5, Forza Motorsport 5, Far Cry 4, Dead Rising 3 and many more. Thus, making a tie between the two.

Controls of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Both of these gaming consoles have a quite good gamepad which is really important while playing games. The gamepad of Xbox One is an updated version of the gamepad of Xbox 360 having a rounded feel with trigger buttons. On other hand, we have PS4 with DualShock 4 modernized gamepad featuring responsive triggers. Furthermore, it even features an in-built speaker and feels really nice in hand. Gamepads of both the gaming consoles are great but with few puzzling features which make a tie between the two as both are comfortable and play quite well.

Camera of PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

PS4 doesn’t features camera as its optional but Xbox One features Kinect camera which is simply incredible as it includes voice control as well as facial recognition. Sony seems to be less passionate about its camera in consoles but Microsoft is simply enthusiastic about its marvelous Kinect camera which adds an additional functionality to the gaming console. PS4 has less flexible voice control and seems that users need to give a thought before buying it later because of its not-clumped camera. Thus, making Xbox One a clear winner.

Price of PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

In this category, PS4 is barely a winner because when Xbox One was launched, it was retailed and still retails with a Kinect which makes it price tag touch up to 500$. After that, Microsoft launched Kinect-free version which making a good Xbox One deal priced at 400$ similar to that of PS4. This significantly changes when you look deep into its premium services associated with subscriptions which particularly makes PS4 winning over Xbox One.


Overall, we really can’t declare one of these better over the other but taking into consideration of the launch; we can say that PS4 has an advantage of nice range of digital titles. We would love to have your views about the both? Which one is better according to you? Which one you prefer to buy Xbox One or PS4?

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