Top 5 Must Have Applications for Android Devices 2014

You can find millions of apps in Google Play Store for android, so it is quite difficult to choose some among them. To make it little bit of easy for you we made a list of “Top 5 must have application for Android” for you.
Must Have Android Apps

Google Drive

Google Drive is an application developed by Google Inc. It is an adroit cloud storage service but Google Drive really can help you in two unique ways, the other one is office suite. With this very application users can ingress their important files from their android phone on the go. Consumers can also create documents for presentation, spreadsheet and many more official texts with this drive. Another extra feature of this application makes it more perfect to the android users as it can also create MS office documents.

You can download it from Here.

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

One should not use his/her Android device without an Anti virus these days. Now a days the chances of get attacked by malware is quite high, so the Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus is a complete solution for any kind of Android user. It has some incredible feature such as, anti-theft tools, privacy tools, antimalware tools and many more things which an anti virus should have. The best part is that the application is absolutely free.
Download it easily from this Link.

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If you are finding it difficult to take note about everything in a page sheet at your work place or anywhere, then this is the application you are looking for. Evernote is a great note taker, to-do manager, web clipper, list keeper and voice recorder. Except all these features Evernote has another mind-boggling feature of Optical Character Recognition which really turns text in pictures to make it easily searchable. This is a must have stand alone application for the Android users.

Grab this awesome app from official Google Play Store.


If you are looking for an app by which you can instantly edit your photos taken by your phone camera then Snapseed is the ultimate quick fix for you. This application is a very handy photo editor for any kind of users where selfies-mania has touched everyone. With lots of great editing features it can really make a picture perfect one.

Snapseed helps you the most when you are in hurry and want to edit a picture with its utmost trait, such as, single tap using Auto Correct, Tune Image, enhance quality, innovative filters, Borders for a finishing touch etc.

Download this great application from Here.


It is a bit of annoying to open several websites in different tabs in the phone, Feedly is the application which can bring all your favorite websites in one place. Users who love to read news, magazines, blogs on their phone, Feedly is the android app which can help them the most. It is basically a RSS news reader and it has an unbeatable price tag which is free.

Click Here to download this app right now.

From the Editor’s Desk

So this is the list of Top 5 Must Have Applications for Android Devices. It is prepared by our editors considering the common daily usage of a random user. I hope you like this list and share it with your friends on social media. Thanks a lot!!

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Hello! Ankit

I liked Evernote and Avast Antivirus for my Android Device.

Feedly was the only app that i was looking for from a long time as i love to read news and blogs on my phone.

Thanks! for sharing this article.



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