MailChimp Vs. GetResponse – A Detailed Comparison

Every online business need an effective way to stay in touch with their customers and that made them start building a mailing list.

A business without a mailing list isn’t a business at all.

But how to collect them, organize all those lists and send emails?

Leave it to the email marketing software to make the job easier.

Let me compare and help you choose the best one from the two best list building and auto responding software GetResponse and MailChimp.

mailchimp vs getresponse

MailChimp – Free Email Marketing Solution

MailChimp is one of the early and most trusted email marketing service providers. Almost every new blogger uses mailchimp just for two big reasons:

  1. It’s super simple to integrate with WordPress
  2. It’s free up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

That’s not the end of the story. Unlike other free services, MailChimp has pretty good features to satisfy the free customers. What exactly makes people love it?

People love freebies and it’s the main reason why it’s admired.

MailChimp besides helping you create lists, it offers hundreds of free email templates which are completely customizable.

Designing a subscriber popup is the easiest thing you can do in MailChimp. But, to be frank, MailChimps opt-in forms sucks. When I tested it on my blog, it consumed more resources and affected the load time.

However, you can integrate MailChimp with almost every third party plugin and opt-in form providers like SumoMe without a glitch. This is one of its best features.

You can even check stats and notifications on MailChimp mobile app anytime. But if you’re dealing with a ton of subscribers, following up on mobile might be the terrible mess.

Also, the instant chat support of MailChimp even to free customers is remarkable.

Cons of MailChimp:

Being the free service user, you’ll be limited to sending emails and building lists. Autoresponder which is the most powerful weapon in CRM is a paid feature in MailChimp.

The email templates though look good, most of them feel like oldies and unresponsive.

As you go higher in a Paid Plan the unlimited emails is replaced by pay as you go option.

But for the small and medium businesses and bloggers, MailChimp is a better choice.

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GetResponse – Professional and Easiest Email Marketing Solution

GetResponse, the name sounds pretty good and convincing. Isn’t it?

So does its features and plans. But it doesn’t offer any free feature, however, you can try the free trail for 30 days (without a credit card).

GetResponse like all other email marketing services offers best in class and uncompromised features.

With GetResponse you don’t have to look for other form plugins, it has 500+ beautiful and customizable Signup forms plus 100+ responsive email templates.

GetResponse nailed its competitors perfectly with a new feature to create “landing pages.” Say, goodbye to Unbounce because you have more than a hundred mobile-ready templates and all it takes is less than 10 minutes to publish.

Explore more outstanding features in this complete GetResponse Review

When it comes to creating newsletters, you can design them on your own or pick a pre-built template and modify with drag and drop builder.
getresponse email templates
Business is all about persuasive marketing and attracting customers with perfect strategies. With GetResponse’s powerful features, you can test and preview your newsletters on different devices before publishing.

Let’s talk money now. GetResponse has a competitive pricing and from a beginner’s perspective, it’s neither pricey nor reasonable. For a 2500 subscriber plan, you’ll pay just $25 per month.

Cons of GetResponse:

  1. No subscriber rating system like MailChimp
  2. No refund as it has a pay as you go feature.
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Who’s the winner?

After personally using both, I recommend GetResponse as it offers more flexibility and easy to use options for effective email marketing.

But, it’s up to you to choose the one because it’s your business and your customers. Also, it depends on what your target is. If you’re about to begin building a list and don’t want to spend on it, MailChimp waits for you.

But to explore the true potential of the mailing list and to maintain the better relationship with existing customers besides make new ones, GetResponse is the best.

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