How To Get Email IDs of Your Facebook Friends?

Though, we all love to communicate over the facebook, but when it comes on exchanging our private data like photos, important documents etc, the only medium we can think of is email services like gmail and yahoo. And needless to say, without the email ID we can’t correspond over the email.

Or, if you have ever been on Linkedin or any other similar social networking website, you must have been asked to enter email IDs of your friends to send them invites and connect with them.

But, most often we know our facebook or real life friends by their names, not email Ids. This is where we feel the need of having email ids of our facebook friends. Isn’t it? Moreover, Collecting IDs one by one is a little time consuming.

But as you can see, facebook never exposes email ids of your facebook friends. Either we have to ask them personally for their email IDs, or we have to quit the idea of having the email ID.

So, to prevent you from disappointment, I’ve written this guide for you. By following the guide accurately, you can get the email IDs of your facebook friends right in front of you.

So should we head to the guide??

How To Get Email IDs Of Your Facebook Friends

You might be thinking, getting email ID of your friends must be a difficult and inauthentic procedure since facebook doesn’t allow us to view email Ids of the facebook friends. But, let me clear this thing to you, the method I’m going to show you is fully authentic and involves very easy steps. Now without any further delay, let’s move to the guide.

The procedure to get the email IDs of your facebook friends involves a yahoo account. If you already have a Yahoo account, Great! If no, Then you need to create one.

Step 1. Go to Yahoo Mail. Here, you need to login by entering your credentials. Once done, click on Login.

Step 2. After Login, you have been landed on the homepage of your yahoo account. To get the email IDs of your facebook friends, you need to export contacts from facebook and import them into your yahoo account, since facebook has authorised Yahoo to fetch facebook contacts.

For this, click on the contacts icon on the top left corner of the page. See the screenshot to understand better.


Step 3. If you have just signed up and have no previous contacts on your yahoo mail, you’ll be asked to import from facebook. Click on Import just next to the facebook Icon.

Unnamed image

If you have an existing yahoo account, a list of all the contacts which you already have on your Yahoo mail will be loaded. And in the left panel option like ‘Delete contacts’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Google’, ‘’ are shown. There, click on Facebook. See the screenshot.

Unnamed image (3)

Step4. Here, If you don’t have any contacts from your facebook, you’ll be asked to import. To import contacts from your facebook, you need to click on the Import button.

Unnamed image (4)

Step 5. As sooner you click on the Import, a login window will pop-up asking for your facebook credentials. Enter them and click on login. The moment you click on login, Yahoo! Contact Importer will import all your facebook contacts to yahoo. It may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet.

That’s it, we are done. A list of all the contacts along with their names and email ID is displayed in front of you. Now, you can manage the list according to yourself. Whether you want to sort the list by First Name, Last name Or email etc.

If you want to save the list of email Ids for the future reference, you can, by printing it out or saving it on your hard drive. For this, follow the below steps.

Step 1. Check Select all and click Actions. Here, you’ll see a small list of options. Select Print All. The screenshot is given below.

Print image1

Step 2. After selecting the Print all option, you’ll be redirected to the print window. Click on Print.

Step 3. In the print preview page, Press Ctrl+S (shortcut to save) and choose the destination. The List of all the email Ids will be saved on your computer.

Over to you;

I hope you have got the procedure completely. Now, you can view the email IDs of your facebook friends without any problem and can add them on Linkedin, or any other social platform where email IDs are adequate to add them.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to ask via the comments. And If you still find any difficulty in exporting email IDs from the facebook and saving them on the computer, watch the above video.


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Gurunath Nakka

Excellent idea, tip Ankit Kumar. I have save lot of time today and have downloaded 200 plus contacts in no time. Thanks a ton. I want to add another step in saving the contacts to Excel sheet. You can select the EXPORT option after select all contacts and then click on Yahoo.csv and after download save csv as .xls and you have every information possible over there for future reference.


Hi Ankit

I just tried it and it worked,

i was able to export email ids of my friends.

I tried exporting them into the yahoo esv but it was blank so i will try again with print option.

Thanks for sharing.

Saurabh Tiwari

Hi Ankit,

Very useful tips for import the Face-book email id in to yahoo mail.

Thanks for sharing this info


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