Google Play Store Error 498: 3 Ways To Fix it

Recently, I came across numerous queries associated with Google Play Store Error 498. Personally, I too experienced the same while downloading Fast Five, Raging Thunder 2 and Asphalt 7 and the exact messaged popped up saying,

“Error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server“

Tried again and again, and finally it allowed me to download the games on my device. I faced the issue, so it strike in my mind that there are numerous people using Android smartphones and they might have faced the same issue over and over again.

google play store error 498

Google Play Store Error 498: 3 Ways to fix it

Here, I will be sharing 3 ways to fix Google Play Store Error 498 which will help you in getting rid of the same easily. Though there are many other ways listed on other sites but significantly doesn’t work for everyone as there are numerous reasons which are responsible for the same. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind Google Play Store error as numerous people face this issue while downloading Google Play Store apps.

  • The very first common reason behind the Google Play Store connection error is the Cache Partition. Users will face this issue if they try to download the apps which are larger in size than the device’s cache partition.
  • Second reason might be the Google Servers because while downloading Google Play Store apps, there might be a possibility that the server is under maintenance. While downloading and getting the error message, might be a server error so have patience and wait a little while to download the app.

So, these are the two possible reasons behind Google Play Store error and now let’s turn our heads over with 3 ways to fix the same.

1# Clearing Cache

The very first common reason, we discussed above is the Cache Partition and you might face this issue because of cache. So, first you need to clear cache from your device. In order to do the same, head forward to

Settings>>Applications>>Manage Applications>>Select Google Play Store>>Clear data & Clear Cache

Now, try to download and install the app again. If Cache was the issue then you will be able to download the successfully now. One more reason, I jot down this app on No. 1 position because it successfully worked for me.

2# For downloading, use Wi-Fi

Most of the times, your smartphone’s IPS (Internet Service Provider) makes slight issues with the error problem. Somehow, manage to get an access to a Wi-Fi connection and try downloading the app. If still it gives the Google Play Store connection error, then try to Uninstall and reinstall google play store app.

3# New Play Store Account

In order to fix the error, try creating a new Google Play Store account. For doing the same, head forward to

Settings>>Accounts>>Add New Account>>Click on Google>>Next>>Enter Email>>Done

These are 3 ways to fix Google Play Store Error easily. I hope that any one of these methods has worked for you perfectly and you are now able to download Google Play Stores apps easily. If these help, please mention the method which helped you getting rid of the issue. If you are aware about any more methods which helped you, please don’t forget to share with us.

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