How to Create a Quiz on Google Forms?

Google forms are a very power tool that can be used to build different surveys, questionnaire, quizzes, etc. with unbelievable ease and speed. It not only builds all this stuff but also lets you share or send them to people to get more and more responses and then storing and analysing those responses in spreadsheet.

Cutting the praises, Lets us learn how to create one very good quiz using Google forms.

create quiz on google forms

Creating Quiz on Google Forms

Step1:  Visit or click on Apps button in your Gmail account and then click more button and then even more link, there you will find the forms. If you are opening them for the first time, a window like below will appear.

even more from google

Step2:  Edit the title and description of the form as per your requirement. I am using “Test Quiz” here. You can also add a picture in description to grab attention really fast.

google form title

Step3: Next step for you to start adding questions. The best thing about Google forms is its flexibility which gives you so many options with the type of questions to be added like

  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • MCQ(Multiple Choice questions)
  • Checkboxes, etc.

Write the question in “Question Title”. Add the help text wherever required.

question title

Step 3: Add as many different types of questions as you want to by clicking “Add item” button. You can always check the live form by clicking on “View live form” button or selecting “Live form” from “View menu”.

Let’s say you want to make a Quiz of 20 or more questions. You don’t want people to scroll down and answer endless questions. So once you are done with 10 questions, don’t forget to add a “page break.” This will end the page there and add a continue button to navigate to the next page.

google forms page break

Step 4: Once you are done with all your questions, don’t forget to add a Confirmation Page. It acknowledges about the end of the quiz and information about results or prizes schedule. You could simply add a message like below.

google forms Confirmation Page

Step 5: Don’t forget to ask name and email id so that you can contact them back.

Once done with the form, it’s time to test the form. For that click on the live form and give your responses. Once you are done with that, click on “View Responses” to generate the spreadsheet for responses. All the responses that you are going to get will get stored in that spreadsheet. You will get a popup like below and all you have to do is to click on “Create” button.

google forms response destination

Now you are all set with the quiz but before you share and send this quiz, I want you to go through this tool Flubaroo which will automatically mail results and Answer key (if you want to) to all the participants.

Go to Add-ons tab and click “Do more with Forms”. Type Flubaroo in the Search and add the add-on. Once it is installed and you are ready with the responses, select Flubaroo from Add-ons tab, and again select “Grade-assignment” from the sub menu. You will get a popup window.

google forms Flubaroo add ons

In the popup window, select the no. of points for each question as shown below and click on continue to move onto next step.


In the next step select the submissions to be used as answer key. Typically this will be submitted by you at the time of testing. All other responses will be graded by comparing their answers to answer key.

In the next window you will be shown the list of participants along with respective mail address. Select the ones you want to mail. And it will show you a Grading completion popup and all you have to do is to view grades to see and check grades yourself.

Flubaroo grading complete

I tried my best to cover almost everything so that you can easily create a quiz using Google forms. Still you are welcome to ask queries in comments or share anything related to it that you would like to.

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