How to Detect if someone is stealing your Wi-FI?

There are times when even after having a high-speed Internet plan with no problem at all, you still do not get the required speed or your data is being consumed at the unimaginable pace. At the end of the month, you  get a thick Internet bill and you wonder when I used it so much.

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How to Detect if someone is stealing your Wi-FI

All these can easily be the symptoms that your Wi-Fi is being stolen. So questions like what to do now…??? How to confirm whether it is really being stolen?? Or who else is connected except you and stealing your data.

Well, there are too many ways to do it. Today let’s start with the manual and one of the easiest ways to detect it without the help of any tool. All you got to do is to follow this steps.

How to Detect if someone is stealing your Wi-FI

Step 1: First of all you need to know your Router’s IP address. To know that, open Command prompt by typing cmd in the search box in Start Menu or by pressing Win+R and then typing cmd. This will open the command prompt where you need to type Ipconfig and press Enter.

Ipconfig cmd

Step 2: Find the Ip address of the default gateway and copy it.

Step 3: Open your Internet browser and paste that IP address in address bar. And press Enter. This will take you to your Router Login page where you need to enter credentials which are normally provided with your Router documentation unless changed by you.

Step 4: In the “Status” tab you will find the list of devices connected to your Router under Lan Computers or Current Connected Wireless Clients. It depends upon the firmware of your Router Brand. Generally it is a list with device names, Mac addresses and IP addresses.

Current Connected Wireless Clients

So now you know who is stealing your password along with their Mac Adddress, so before we kick out the thief, lets us go through one more tool that will make above process easy for you.

Who is on my wifi is a free software(Windows desktop software) that lets you enlist all the devices connected with your computer and gives an option to mark the known devices. Its best feature comes in the Online Version where it provides alert whenever any unknown device gets connected to your Wi-Fi. Visit their website to download the free version and you can also buy the online Version if you love the free one. Message alert service is only available in US.

Now it’s time for you to kick off the intruders and make your Wi-Fi more secure by taking care of some basic things.

  1. The first thing that everyone should do is to change their Router’s default password by logging into Routers setting in the same way as described above.
  2. Change the SSID name. It will make difficult for your intruder to guess the name of your Router and crack it using default passwords.
  3. You must enable Network Encryption methods for wireless settings like WPA (WPA-Personal) or WPA2. WEP is also a basic encryption service but is not very secure so least recommended.
  4. You must always use MAC address filtering that will let you specify the MAC address of your devices to router.

To conclude, one should go for MAC address filtering with WPA2 encryption to secure the Wi-Fi in best possible way.

So, this was all about detecting if someone is stealing your WiFi connection or not. If this article helped in saving lots of data, then please share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more.

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