How To Delete Skype Account Permanently?

Skype is wildly used and most popular video chat application. Indeed, it’s one of the most likable and user-friendly apps. Users of skype most probably never want to quit or delete their skype account. But, sometimes due to the odd circumstances we tend to delete it.

But, when it comes on deleting skype account, it doesn’t prove to be a user-friendly application. There is no way  possible to delete skype account permanently.

If you are one of those who doesn’t like to use skype much and wants to delete it, I’ll show you how to close skype account. This is a step by step tutorial to help you to delete your skype account permanently.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently:

As I said above, skype doesn’t allow us to cancel skype account directly. Rather, we have to contact the customer support of skype and have to say them to delete skype account.

To help you reach to the skype customer support and make them deactivate skype account, I’ve written the below step by step guide. Let’s see how we do that.

Step 1. Firstly, you need to reach to the skype customer support, for this click here. Once done, click on the link, you’ll be redirected to the login page. Enter you skype credentials and sign in.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 2. Once you are done signing in, you will be asked the issue for contacting customer service. If you want to close your skype account, select ‘Account and Password’ by clicking on the down arrow.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 3. Once the selection is done, a new option will appear asking to choose a related problem. Here, select deleting an account. Once done, hit Next button.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 4. You can see two options to have a contact with customer support, choose which suits you better. I’ll suggest you for going for Chat support.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 5:  If you click the link Text Chat Support, In the very next page you’ll be asked for few details for yours. Fill them and click next.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 6. Here, you can see the button ‘Start Chat’, click on that.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 7. But, before you further proceed, make sure your browser doesn’t prevent pop-ups. Because, by default pop-ups windows for this website are off. If the pop-ups are off in your browser, you’ll see a cross(X) icon on the right corner of your address bar. Click over that and you’ll see an option to ‘allow pop-ups for this site?’. Select this option and chat window will open.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Fill necessary details and ask them to delete your account permanently. It may take up 30 days to get your account deleted from the directory but if you are in the urgent need of deleting the account, go for removing your profile information. It may help you become unreachable for the people.

If you are wondering how? Follow the below steps.

Step 1. Sign into your skype account by entering you credentials.

Step 2. Once done, Goto skype> profile> Edit Your Profile.

How To Delete Skype Account Permanently

Step 3. You are now landed to your profile information page. Delete all the information including your phone number, profile picture, email ID and everything which people lead to you.

This way, no one would be able to contact you until your profile is fully deleted. Though, you can not delete your username, thus making people find you on the web. But, they won’t be able to contact you. And if you like, change your status to unavailable or something like that, so that people try not to contact you.

Final Words

Now, you know all the methods possible methods to delete your skype account permanently. Though, deleting is not the only issue. If someone is bothering you on skype or there is any other such privacy  issue, you can block that person or you can put privacy in your account.

But, if you have decided to delete the account, follow the above method and get rid of your skype account completely. Hope you find the post useful. If yes, don’t forget to share it on the social media. Maybe your friends are also looking for such help.


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