5 Best Alternatives for Default Windows Tools

As you know windows is from one of the best operating system. Almost all computer users prefer windows operating system for their daily use. But sometimes the default tools which are installed already in the windows are just frustrating. But now we have some alternatives for those default tools which are more efficient and can be used smoothly. Also you can download these tools and install them very easily on your windows operating system. Just keep reading, I have listed some best alternatives tools which can be installed in windows as a replacement for default tools.
Windows Tools Alternatives

1. Notepad ++

Notepad++ is a replacement for default windows notepad tool. It has a bunch of new features. With the help of notepad++ you can easily save your files to different file types. You can also check your spellings and grammatical mistakes with the help of notepad++. It also contains some cool and amazing features for programmers which can be very useful. Overall, Notepad++ has maintained the simplicity which helps users to use this tool comfortably. At the last I just want to say that this is the best alternative for default notepad.

2. 7 Zip

7 Zip is a free available tool which can be replaced by WinRar. 7 Zip is basically a tool which helps user to open .zip, .rar and other archive file formats. With the help of 7 Zip you can easily create .zip and .7z files format. 7 Zip is the best alternative if you want to compress your data in a big amount. 7 Zip also helps you to save your disk space as much as possible while the compression process.

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the best alternative for default windows media player. VLC Media Player can directly open any type of media files. It happens mostly that the default windows media player can’t able to play some media files. VLC Media Player can also play your CD/DVD directly from your drive. VLC also contains some cools and interesting features which are missing in Windows media player.

4. Paint.NET

By the name of this tool only you came to know that this is a replacement for windows default paint tool. The default windows paint tool is quite old fashion tool now. With the help of Paint.NET it is easier to edit your images for easily. You have all types of new features in this tool which are supposed to be there in all painting tools. Paint.NET also helps you to edit your photo with all types of advance photo editing options. In short, I want to say that this tool is just incredible and user friendly.

5. Greenshot

This tools helps you to take your computer screenshot very easily. As there are lots of tools which are available online for this work but the best is Greenshot. I have used this tool personally and the results are just awesome. You can save your screenshots wherever you want in your system which are taken by Greenshot. Overall want to say that this tools is simple to use, have a clean layout, and works amazing.

So, these are the best alternatives for the default tools which are already in windows operating system. All these tools which are discussed above can be easily downloaded and installed. Hope, you have enjoyed while reading this article. At the last I want to say that Kindly comment below if you have any type of doubt regarding this article also do not forgot to share this article with your friends.

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