How To Customize Windows 7 To Look Like Mac OS X?

Hello guys, today I will be telling you some cool tricks by which you can easily change the whole look of your windows operating system into Mac OS X. Many people wants to customize their Pc to look like Mac obviously because Mac is more user friendly, stylish and easy to use.

So, today I will be helping you to change your windows 7 look like Mac OS X. This is because I really think that windows 7 is faster and at the same time if you have the beauty and simplicity of Mac then your Pc will be just fantastic. Let’s see how to do that.

1. Moving the Taskbar

You have to move your windows taskbar right on the top of your computer screen. Many people know how to drag their windows taskbar over screen but if you don’t know then no problem. Read the following steps carefully and find out the way of shifting your taskbar.

  1. First, right click on your taskbar
  2. Uncheck the “Lock the Taskbar” option in that menu
  3. Then click apply and OK

lock the taskbar
Now, click and hold your taskbar and drag it to the top of your computer screen. It is because if you have ever noticed then Mac OS X has its taskbar right on the top on the screen.

2. Installing a Dock

Mac OS X has a shortcut for launching the programs which are generally used in daily routine. If you are using windows Vista on your PC then I will prefer you to use StarDock’s ObjectDock and if you use operating windows 7 then you should install RocketDock.
Installing a dock
These software are available for free and easy to download. You can also add many type of programs shortcuts without paying extra charges. You can also personalize your dock according to your wish as both software comes with many free themes which can be easily applied by users.

3. Widgets on Screen

You have to add some widgets on your computer screen to look like Mac OS X. Let me first tell you that windows 7 already comes with in built widgets like calendar, clock, CPU meter, currency converter and many more. Like windows Vista these widgets do not open automatically you have to open all these widgets manually. So read the below steps carefully and add widgets on your screen.

  1. Go to search bar and type “Desktop gadgets
  2. Then click on “Desktop gadgets gallery” in that list

screen Widgets

As you click on this option a gadget gallery will appear. Then simply drag and drop the gadgets you want to your computer screen. That’s all. You will now going to see cool widgets on your computer screen.

For more customization you can also search for some icon sets like Mac OS X and can replace them by original icons set.

Overall verdict

If these all methods seems difficult to you then you can also prefer installing some extra software. You can search online for many windows 7 themes/skins which will be helping you in changing the whole look of your operating system. But always keep in mind that do not install too many software or themes because it can also affect your computer processing.

Hope, you have now finally learned how to customize windows 7 to look like Mac Operating system X. If you face any type of problem or want some suggestions on this topic then you can comment below. At the last I want to say that kindly share this cool trick with your friends and let them also change their windows look. Thanks! 🙂

Ankit Kumar Singla

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vishal fulwani

Hey Ankit,
very easy and simple its. i like all this methods to get fully convert my winodws 7 into mac os. Great job dude. i like to install RocketDock, its awesome and very creative and fully user friendly. I also preferred you to add some topicks about RocketDock. like how to customize RocketDock skins.
Thank for sharing this artcile 🙂

Best regards by
Vishal fulwani


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