How To Change Name on Facebook After Limit 2014?

Facebook allow its users to change their profile name 5 times with a single account. But what if you need to change the name even after the this limit. Here you need a quick solution.

In this tutorial, we bring such a solution for you. Make sure to subscribe TechClicko for more tutorials.

Change Name on Facebook After Limit

Below are some simple steps which will allow you to change the name of your facebook profile even after the limit of 5.

  1. Go to facebook help option from the drop down menu
  2. Type “Change name” in the search box
  3. Click on “How do I change my name”
  4. Under the “Please keep in mind”, click on “Help” link
  5. On the next page, click on “Let us know” link
  6. There you’ll get the options to change your name with the desired one.

Note: In order to change your facebook account name, you must need to send your scanned photo ID proof. Only then you’ll able to get your name changed.

Check out the video tutorial below for better understanding:
How To Change Name on Facebook After Limit 2014?

I hope this tutorial helped you to get your facebook profile name changed even after the limit. If you are interested to learn more awesome Facebook tips and tricks, then kindly subscribe our YouTube channel.

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