How To Change Background Color and Font Style in Facebook?

If you are an internet savvy, then definitely you will be having your facebook account. You might using it for fun and entertainment like chatting with friends or sharing your lovely life moments with others. We all are addicted to this giant social media site.

Facebook is having a decent color scheme and it looks appealing also but do you know we can set its look and feel with our choice. Yeah, you heard it right. We can change the background color, font color, font style, font size and many more in our facebook account and we are going to discuss the same in this tutorial.
Change Facebook Background Color
What You Will Learn Today?
1. Changing Facebook Background Color
2. Changing its Font Style, Font Size and Font Color
3. Putting a background image
4. Blocking sponsored ads

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Changing Background Color and Font Style in Facebook

I also made this video tutorial so that you could learn visually. You can watch the video or simply follow the below steps:

    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Add “Fabulous Extension” to your browser by hitting the + FREE button


    1. After adding it to your browser, simply open your facebook account and click the Fabulous Extension Icon at the top of the page.

Fabulous extension icon

    1. A popup will appear like this:


    1. Click on Cross Sign next to the Ad Blocker. It will remove all the sponsored ads displaying at the right side in your facebook account.
    2. Click on Colorizer to change color scheme. There are 5 options:


    1. Click on Font Styler to change Font Size and Font Style

font styler

  1. You are done! πŸ˜‰

Check out this demo πŸ˜›

Final Words!

Follow these simple steps and change background color, font color and font style and background image in your facebook account and enjoy the new color scheme of your choice. I hope you will find this tutorial useful. If it so, then please subscribe our Youtube channel and follow us on Google plus for latest tutorials updates. Thanks and meet you with my next interesting tutorial. πŸ˜‰

Ankit Kumar Singla

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Facebook also Upgrade their Look recently for more users but not for me. So its really helpful for us. Thank you

Miliee Cyrus

Does this creates any bug problems on our account??

Harshil Barot

Very Nice Tutorial Ankit for Changing the Facebook background and Text…
Actually I m looking for this tutorial and your article help me a lot for changing the
Facebook backgrounds and text.. Thanks ankit for sharing this article…

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hey Harshil,

    Thanks for liking my tutorial bro.. Keep visiting πŸ™‚

Abhijit Mahida

Hey Ankit,nice tutorial but i think this will change the colour only on your Computer and not on others who visit your profile.And also,i think you have missed something.Please write on how to block Sponsored ads on FB

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hey Abhijit,

    I have already discussed about blocking the sponsored ads on facebook in the article and in the video itself too.
    Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

Aditya Singh

Hi Ankit,
Great Tutorial chaning a facebook color has a fun, after reading your tutorial I changed by FB colors but i think normal look is better and faster. You have also given a video tutorial which impress me a lot. Video make things make clear.

you can working like a machine day and night it awesome πŸ™‚

Jyoti Chauhan

Nice tutorial to change Facebook layout completely. It is great fun when we have get boring time after seeing same Facebook layout from a long time. But it is limited feature available only own our PC not publicly for all who browse our Facebook profile.


Hi Ankit Brother,
You gave us good tutorial on changing facebook background colour. I never known about this extension in google chrome. The features of extension “Fabulous” has great options. Simply taking control over facebook design.

Especially I love about ad blocking in facebook. Thanks for your video tutorial also. I would be glad to ready more such posts. Thanks

Bishal Biswas

Facebook is getting viral day by day, and with the increase of growing number of users in Facebook, it has became just an ideal source of driving quality traffic, which greatly impacted in the traffic system of the blog owners.

Yet, it’s really a great trick that you have shared with us Ankit Kumar Singla. It’s really worthy to do some tricky things with the site of a master mind programmer and a brilliant hacker. Thanks for the great contribution over here and I expect that more and more quality tweaks to be published in Tech Clicko.

Thanks and have a great weekend,
– Bishal Biswas

Jyoti Chauhan

Hi Ankit,

Useful and informative tips to change Facebook layout totally including facebook background color, front color and image etc. We all know that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, we all are addicted to this, I will say we all should be addicted especially for bloggers, it add both thing fun and value to our personal life as well as blogging life. No doubt Facebook already has standard layout and we can change it easily using all tips which you shared in your post. Facebook should make this feature public in that case we can use our Facebook background image not only for fun but also for branding like Twitter.


Bishal Biswas

I was eagerly waiting for such tutorials as I have heard from some of my friends about this trick yet, I wasn’t aware of the background changing trick. Yet, thanks for the great contribution Ankit Singla.

Thanks and have a great weekend.
– Bishal Biswas


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