How To Find Topics For Blog Posts?

I often come across new bloggers who run short of ideas when it comes to selection of right topics for their next blog post.

This is the reason I decided to bring into your notice, some easy and effective ways to identify what to write and post for the next time on your blog.

Let me tell you, there is no wizard that will act for you to bring instant ideas on what to write for your next post. However, there are a few ways that can help you find a great content idea to write on as well as build a dedicated audience to read:

Make sure you write that goes well in demand with your following:

Content Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Blog post topic ideas

Investigate your Analytics

Look for the keywords and search queries people get on your site with. Write some engaging write-ups on these queries if you have not created yet. Improve your already posted content to bring them more closer to the searched terms. You may add some ideas to existing post after you get to know the query of the same theme.

For example, if people are searching for an easy video downloader and you already have an article on some easy tools to make your browsing experience better, you can add a video downloader to the same post instead of creating a new one.

I know I am deviating from the topic, I started, but take it like this: once you add this option in existing post, you can get even better ideas. You can write a review, an altogether new post and interlink it to this part of the existing post. Sounds good now, isn’t it?

Utilize your search feature to identify what People Are Searching

Determine what your readers are searching in your search box when they land up on your blog with the help of Google Analytics, Search Meter Plugin or Piwik.

Get inspired from Comments Section in your niche

Spend some time on various blogs and their comments section in your niche. Go through the queries people place in comments section and this will give you unique and genuine ideas of content you can frame your next post on.

Analyze what are the common problems that people face in your niche and write on it. You can even jot down different problems in a single cause and frame a single post giving solutions to all of these.

Get Inspiration from Your Social Media Followers and Visitors

Get ideas and feedback from your followers on social profiles. Ask questions in the content you post or create a question answer series on your social media network. This will give wide range of ideas what your people are willing to read and explore.

Look Into Trending Topics

Trends run everywhere on social media networks and nothing can be better than generating ideas from this. Spend some time exploring what others are interested in and use them in the best way for content creation the next time you post. This is how viral sites like Buzzfeed work and performing well with. They constantly survey the trending stuff on web and fetch ideas for their posts. You can trust these sources for real good trends going on in your niche:

  • Google Trends
  • Twitter Trends
  • Reddit
  • Imgur
  • Pinterest

Stopgap Ideas

Is you are still stuck with what to publish, there are some stopgap solutions that will even help you in improvising while looking for other ideas:

  • Guest Posting: Place a platform for other users to post content on your site. Guest posting from other fellow bloggers or writers is a great idea to get diversified and unique content on your site. However, remember, excess of everything is bad, so this should not become greed anytime.
  • Interviews: Publishing and featuring other bloggers of your niche can be a great way to attract traffic. Get in touch with fellow bloggers and get the answers from them on problems your readers may be facing and looking for a solution. You can even add a video interview for the same.

I hope all these points help you generate fair and interesting ideas for your next blog post. Once you hit the momentum of ideas, believe me, you will never run short of content for your blog.

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Nice ideas to get new blog post topics Ankit bro.

I do accept all these ways of generating fresh blog posts but you forgot to mention the blogging communities like Bizsugar, Triberr etc. I used to get some ideas from there.

Anyway, I’ve learnt some ideas through your post, keep writing πŸ™‚

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Thanks Nirmala Mam.

    Surely blogging communities are great to get awesome ideas for blog posts. I have added resources links where all those points have mentioned.

Riya khurana

Great post indeed!

Google news, forums are also useful to get new post ideas.

Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

Amit Sihan

Hi Ankit
Such a very nice post these are amazing details and facts. Mostly
for all bloggers because every one wants to prepare for next article . Real dear great article i have learn lots of things from here, but bro can you help me how i can increase organic traffic on my website. Thanks for sharing and for inspire me.

Gurmeet Kaur

Really a very useful post..
I usually browse the comment section of other bloggers of my niche and couple of my post arise from the unanswered queries.
Thanks for the post.

Nisha Pandey

Nice Ideas Ankit. I used to find with my search queries. Really it helps.


Well Good Ideas.. and I am really short of idea to post..Posting from Google Trends is too mainstream. There is lot of competition because everyone is posting on Topics of Google Trends

Mi Muba

Hi Ankit
It is a candid fact howsoever creative one is but there must be a limit of his creativity. Sooner or later he must be running short of idea.
In this instance the support from technology do a great job. Just casting a look at Twitter trends is sufficient to get great idea.
Blog comments are not simply great views on your post to motivate and encourage you. There are lot of other treasures hidden in them. You just need to extract them. Blog post ideas are one of them.
Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post which itself is a great idea.

Harish Bali

hi Ankit

Nice ideas clubbed by you and all are implementable. One idea that got my most attention is.. Look into your comments, There are lot of good clues that one can take.

I can read in a comment aboe that blogging communities like bizsugar and Triberr is also a good source to get ideas on topics for new post. I will also try that.


Hi Ankit,
Great article bro. One could also follow the trending topics on Justretweets and scoop it. πŸ™‚

Javeth Raguman

Great post and good innovative ideas.

Victor Noah

Nice and informative post bro Ankit. Thanks for sharing and for sharing and do have a nice weeks ahead… πŸ˜€


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