Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android of 2015

Android music apps had significantly helped the users to listen to music of their choice and download it instantly using some of the best music apps. Now, users can download nearly every song available on web using these premium or free music apps. If you are a music lover then here is list of some of the best music apps for Android. You should eye over them.

10 Best Music Apps For Android

best music apps for android

1) Google Play Music

Google Play Music app was launched in year 2011 after Google gave it a thought. The users of this app can play the music on their device by accessing music stores and radio stations. User can even download more than 20000 songs easily. This makes it the best music download app for Android.

Google-Play-Music app

2) Spotify

This free music app for Android users provides commercial music streaming. Users of this application can easily connect to social networks and share the music over there. This application is available in 50 languages.

Spotify app

3) SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the best music apps for music listeners. The users can easily download this app to listen to more than 100K songs for free. Playlist can be created and you can share and play your favourite tracks too.

SoundCloud app

4) Songza

This is the best music app available for users of Canada and US.  The user interface of this app is easy. You can listen to songs and the playlist will be created automatically for the songs that you have listened so far. Free version comes with ads while their are no ads in paid version.

Songza app

5) Rdio

It is a unique music app that looks competitive as compared to its rivals. The app will detect the memory card in your phone and will start storing the songs on your mobile once you give download command.


6) doubleTwist

doubleTwist is another good music player app having pre- bred of excellence. The revolutionary design and enormous capabilities of this app makes the user to go for it. You can listen to songs, create playlist, abd edit the music too using this best music app for Android.


7) Fusion

It is one of the best music download app for Android that lets you to search for the music, customize music playing options, search tracks, widgets, and even share the music on social networks.


8) jetAudio

This is the best music app for Android and a user must download it. This is typically a music player app that helps the user to download quality music by searching through the artists, song name, or genre.

jetAudio app

9) N7player

This music player had an audacious design to entertain the users. It supports different types of audio files. You can listen music in different formats using this player. The music library will be created automatically by this app for the users.


10) Power Amp

It is the most downloaded best music app which has graphical equalizer of 10 bands. You can listen music, and search music online using this app. Different types of audio files can be played using it.


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Final Words

These were some of the best music apps for Android. An Android user, who is a music lover must download any of these awesome applications to search music, download music, and play the music on their smart phones. So, download any of these apps online and listen to your favourite songs.

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