How 7 Swings Can Preserve Battery Life on Android Phones?

Smart Phones are playing a major role in the current Gadget Market. 1000+ Smart phones are sold out every day. They are stuffed with cool features and high quality user interface. As we all know that for a +ve there is a –ve and it’s a real fact in the case of smart phones too. The negative part of the smart phone is its battery life and it really sucks. But don’t worry, read this post and try to save your phone’s battery at your maximum. Here I will guide you on how to save the battery life of your Android Smartphone’s which can make the Smartphone experience super cool.

Tips to Save Battery Life on Android


1. Wifi,Bluetooth and GPS

These things are good at features but bad with battery backup. Most of the android phones are having these features. If you check the current status of your phone you can see that these options will be turned On and it affects the battery backup a lot. Turn them On Only when you need it or else turn them Off

2. Screen Brightness

Android and Other smart phones gives more preference to screen clarity and picture quality because of that they don’t really care about the battery backup. The trend is “Larger the Screen Size, Lower the Battery BackUp“ This is a fact. So reduce the screen brightness or turn it Automatic. I’m sure that it can save your batter life a lot.

3. Screen Timeout

This is a small topic, Go to Setting and Decrease your Screen Timeout to 10 sec or something like that. This may not save your battery a lot but it can also help sometimes.

4. Power Saver Apps

I hate this kind of application. They don’t really save the battery life but they are limiting the performance to save some battery life. Yes, in most of the cases I have felt like that because my Phone is hanging while I’m using these applications. So if you want to save the battery with some hangs then go for it else don’t.

5. Kill Background App

In the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) if you double tap the home screen you can see some background apps, swipe them away and close it, I’m sure that it can bring some big battery life to the smart phone. Don’t download any applications for killing these kind of Back running apps.

6. Internet Usage

This is a well known tip. Anyway I’m saying it again. 99.99% of the Smartphones are designed for Internet Purposes, but the worst thing is that the browser eats the battery life a lot. So While using internet try some above written tips.

7. Analyze the Apps

While you become free just analyze the apps and try to uninstall the useless apps. This tip is highly recommended and you can save your battery life a lot.

That’s it. You’re done and it’s time to save some battery life of your android smartphone. Let it be any model or anything save its battery life and use it comfortably. See you around, keep visiting and feel free to ask doubts. If you have any tips please share with us.

Ankit Kumar Singla

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Vishal Sharma

Hey Ankit,

Yeah its really very irritating when my android phone’s battery goes down frequently. These are really great tips that would be helpful for me to save my mobile’s battery life.
And yeah you are right the Power saving apps are of no use, infact they let the mobile consume more power. That’s why I just removed one of such application from my mobile.
Yeah Internet is the main devil that eats most of the power of the mobile. You have provided some great tips to save battery from such situation.

Again want to say a great and useful article for saving battery of android 🙂


    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hey Vishal,

    Yeah this is the problem of all the android users and I hope this post will be useful for them.
    Thanks for commenting and sharing the post 🙂

Krishna Moorhty D

When the Smartphones came to world they was really awesome and they had amazing features.The features was just unbelievable ones.But every positive has a Negative right? The smartphones worst issue is Battery Backup.They really sucks in that case.I’ve heard that researches are going on to find a better solution for that.

Till then, your article will help us to live the day with my Smartphone 😛 .

Keep Posting Ankit Bro, We Need More Tips Like this 🙂

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    It will be good if we got a best solution for this issue.
    Till then we can try these methods. 😀

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mahesh Charjan

Very true ankit,Battery is a huge problem for any android phone and above mentions tips certainly offer some healthy solution for battery saving.

But here i would to add something,Unwanted widget also drain lots of battery life & internet usage too.So it’s always recommended to use only the widget which makes your mobile operation fast & also act as battery saver.

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    You are absolutely right Mahesh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Aditya Singh

Hi Ankit,
All the tips you have shared is really good. In android the application work in background so it important to close all the application so that we can save battery.
There are lot of application which help top save battery :
1. Clearner
2. DU Battery Saver

I think these are the 2 best application which help to save battery more.
Great Tips.. Thumbup for this post 🙂

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hello Aditya,

    Thanks for adding these two apps here. I’ll surely give them a try and hope they will help me to save battery life of my android phone. 😀

      Aditya Singh

      Sure they will save your battery life. I am also using these application in my phone. and they are really good. Try to use PRO version of the application.
      You will get these application for free. Search On GOOGLE.

        Ankit Kumar Singla

        I’ll surely try them bro.. Thanks for coming back again 😀

Atul Kumar Pandey

Hello Ankit brother,

All the tips are really working on follow. The major thing is the display, more big display lesser the battery life. One more thing I like to add in Internet section is that make use of 2G network when you are not using internet for a longer time, it really helps to gain 30% of the battery instantly.

The given applications also are a good Battery Management apps we must install it. Thanks for nice share, it really worth more than my android phone as the low battery phone I’m using.

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hello Atul,

    Thanks for telling me about the internet usage. I was not aware with that.
    I’ll take care of it from now and will save my android battery life 😀

Jyoti Chauhan

Smart phone changed our life system totally but bad thing battery backup which sucks and make irritate regularly. Brightness and Bluetooth eat battery too much. You shared great tips to save battery life. Thanks to sharing those useful tips and I want to say thanks to Aditya also to adding two more apps to save battery life.

vishal fulwani

Hey Ankit bro,
Awesome tips to save android battery life. I preferred that delete all home screed widgets and app short cuts. They make smartphone slow and also take battery. Make sure your developer option is on where you will change many option like screen animation, 2D and 3D option, background processes etc. You can change all things to make your smartphone faster and save your battery life too.

some tips to save more battery :
1. make sure you checked a 2D option in developer settings.
2. animation option checked on 0 or 5x you choose what you want.
3. under the background option select 4 or 3 processes option.
4. remove unwanted apps which you don’t use.

I think it will help you to save your battery life and will make your android phone fast too 🙂

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hey Vishal,

    Thanks a lot buddy for sharing your tips to preserve battery life. I’ll surely give them a try 🙂


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