How NeoReader Android App Helped Me To Scan QR Codes Easily?

QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a type of code which is encrypted inside an Image file. It is used to approach a data or a URL directly through Scanning. It can be scanned by an application and major source of scanning is “Camera“. You can see these types of code everywhere in Product packages , Magazines etc., and researches has found that QR code is getting high responses within the smartphone users. If you tried scanning the QR code, then you might have faced some small difficulties in getting it scanned. So here on Techclicko I will share some small tips to scan the QR Codes around you easily.

Note :- To Scan QR Code you need a smartphone or a QR Code supported phone. For a Smartphone you need some apps to scan this code and you cannot scan them easily with a camera application.

Use the Best Applications

As I said above you need some applications to scan the QR Code, here I can suggest some famous apps like NeoReader. The Reason behind suggesting NeoReader is that I’m personally using it to scan the QR codes around me. NeoReader is an amazing scanner and it has some storage features also. To be more clear you can store the code you scanned for future reference. Neoreader supports almost 5+ codes like Bar Codes etc. You can also find some best applications online but before downloading them please read their reviews and I’m sure that will help.


When it comes to scanning of QR code, the focusing is more important. If you’ve scanned them before then you may know this problem with the QR Codes. Almost 70% of the QR Code Scanning is failed due to this focusing Issues. So here are some small tips for better focusing to get better results.

  • Do Not Keep the Camera Close to the QR Code
  • If the Scanning Fails, Close and Re-Open the App
  • Keep the Code in a Bright Area
  • If the Code looks Denser then Focus it with a Long Distance.

So Try these focusing tips to get better results while scanning Quick Response Codes. In some QR Code scanning apps you can see a focusing button which helps you to focus more clearly. In NeoReader there is a play button at the center of the camera view, If you are keeping on failing while scanning then press that button which can help you.

Colour and Dense Codes

Now in the Internet world there are some tools to develop Colourful codes.Suppose if you are giving a long url then the QR Code looks denser which is called Dense QR Code.Scanning both of them are somewhat difficult with any tools.So In case of these two codes try focusing at a longer distance and I’m 90% Sure that you can scan them easily with this method.

3 Steps to Scan QR Code Easily, actually this should be the title of this article, anyway I can share only these kind of tips because there are no other tips I can find with my QR Code Experience. But using this tips can give you better results. If you are using a low cost smartphone with a very low camera clarity then sorry to tell you that scanning of QR Codes will be a difficult or Impossible job for you .You may using some High Quality Apps but if your camera sucks then Scanning also Sucks. πŸ™ You can also find some interesting QR Code scanners inside the browser application. The UC Browser is having an Inbuilt option to scan the QR Codes. πŸ˜‰

So Guys it’s time for a scanning πŸ˜› , Go On and scan the QR-Codes around you and if you find any difficulties then please let us Know. Keep visiting and keep scanning πŸ˜€

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Hope the NeoReader will be useful for protecting our images.Thanks for the info.

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Thanks for your comment Ramprasath. Keep visiting bro πŸ™‚

Atul Kumar Pandey

Yes brother, I tried this and really love it over my default QR Code scanner app. One more thing I want to add that our smartphone must support auto focus facility to detect QR Code easily. My old android phone not able to detect it precisely but new one does awesomely. Thanks for a nice share…

    Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hey Atul Bro,

    Thanks for adding more value to my article with your comment.
    Keep visiting πŸ™‚


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