How To Add Subscribe Watermark on Youtube Videos Easily?

Subscribe Watermark To Youtube Videos
Vlogging (video blogging) is the coolest thing for internet marketers. It has great potential of building branding for any website. All you have to do is create youtube channel and upload video contents to it. Add links to associated website, promote your channel and enjoy the real and targeted traffic to your website.

But to get effective results with your vlogging efforts, you need good number of subscribers to your Youtube Channel. It shows authority and trustworthiness of video creators and hence videos will rank higher in Google as well youtube too.

Having huge number of subscribers to your channel also builds authority of it but getting subscribers is literally hard. You have to post great contents to attract viewers. But we can do some practices to get them subscribed to our channel like adding “Subscribe Watermark to Youtube Videos“. It has the higher conversation rate and you can build your subscribers list very fast.

Here is a very easy walkthrough tutorial which will show you how you can easily add watermark to your youtube videos all together.

Adding Subscribe Watermark to Youtube Videos

Under your “Channel Settings” choose “inVideo Programming“, click on “Add a Watermark Button” and upload your watermark image as shown in the above video.

I recommend you to choose a transparent (.PNG) image only. It will look great on all of your videos.

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Rahul Suresh

Thanks for the article..
Now my video blogging got some beauty with Mint Beat logo…
Keep sharing something more like this,which is more attractive for subscribers.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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